November 19, 2017

Here is a RECAP on the last BLOG and what is to come in the next week!!!!! I am so excited!!! …. Langara, Photography, Australia, 504, Verve, Jobless, Kurent…. Not that we are all caught up I will continue with how Kurent Designs has come together and what is planned for the future. 
In all my photoshoots I would take an image and start playing around with it in photoshop and lightroom making designs that I would only show my family. 
I am so blessed with a great and supportive family, and when I showed my siblings Ruth, Emmy, and Tim my designs they would always give me so much encouragement, motivation and feedback. I told myself that this needs to be done or I would regret it for the rest of my life. I know I look good for my age but I am not getting any younger 

I asked my friend James who is an amazing videographer and director, if he could help me capture my vision and make a promo video for my company. He said yes! We had a casting call and in the end we cast 8 actor/models (Three girls and five guys) for the project.
The day of the shoot was August 28th, which also happened to be my 33rd birthday. We planned to shoot on the beach, and it just happened to be the coldest day ever (too bad we weren't back in Vancouver, where it was summer!).That day, was the most stressful day of my life. I started it with a prayer that everything would go according to plan. I did not want to do this half-assed. I got my filming insurance, my models, my videographer, my makeup artists, Juliet and Cristina and I had my beautiful location. I even booked an Airbnb close to the beach to be the holding area, for eating, resting, hair, and makeup. This was going to be a great day. hahahahahah I spoke too soon cause that clearly was not the case.

At about 6am, my main actress messaged me saying that she didn’t know that the project was a video shoot and she doesn’t think her agent will let her be in it. Wait what? The video shoot you are in you didn’t know was a video shoot. It is in the title: “Video Promo Shoot” That was the first of I believe three times I cried that day.

The second time I cried was when my second actress cancelled without warning. I was now down to one girl and five guys. This through my whole concept of what I wanted out the window and we had to improvise.

This takes me to the third time I cried, it was more of a happy but still stressed cry. As this project means so much to me and I had a limited budget. James was going to shoot the video with my Canon 5D Mark iii camera. Great camera but he had a nice Sony one in mind that capture slow-mo video at more than the 60fps my Canon did. But at that time I just couldn’t afford it. Well, James, being the amazing person that he is, went out that morning and using his own money, rented the Sony camera. I was so thankful. Not only did it show the kind of person he is, it also showed that he cared for this project just as much as I did. It took some stress off me for the day….. But just some!!! hahaha

We ended up having an amazing shoot with my remaining actors and my crew. I honestly couldn’t have been happier in the end. Even though the concept had to change, the video showcases my designed better than I envisioned it. I am so grateful to my actors: Dan, Kim, Sam, Samuel, Paul and Ahmad. Thank you for standing in the cold for hours and doing such a beautiful job!

It doesn’t stop there. I am so thankful to the people I have met over the past three years that also helped in this video. I wanted a nice shot over looking the beach from above and a friend I met here Andy captured some beautiful ariel footage with his drone for the video. Laura who made my amazing logo. My family, Ruth will be helping me with my website, Emmy is creating the music for the promo video (which is coming soon) and Tim has help me in choosing colours and cuts that he knows guys love to wear. He has also helped me with my ego I am thinking these designs are dope. He is my number one fan, begging me to send him some of the designs NOW. But he has to wait for the launch, just like everyone else. 
It just amazes me the amount of love and support I have from my family and friends. I have so many big plans, and I am working on.